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“Sparkplug helped us simplify our business processes & better serve our customers. When Bridge decided to entertain offers for our business, it was great to be able to export the needed reports which led to a successful sale!” – Sean Kelly, President, Bridge Power Consulting

Challenges that the company faced during their growth:

In this article, Co-founder and CEO, Sean Kelly shares some of the challenges that the company faced during their growth:

“Bridge Power had numerous business partnerships with Retail Energy Providers (REP). This made preparing proposals after 10+ REP’s responded a time-consuming task. Another major challenge was knowing if the REPs were paying us accurately. We originally were trying to track this in Excel but was too burdensome and not scalable.

During the interview, Sean shared other processes that were simplified with Sparkplug.

  • Building customer profiles so negotiations can better cater to their unique requirements
  • Maintaining documents such as customer bills, LOAs, and invoices in a single, safe, and easy-to-access platform
  • Timely notifications for important events such as customer follow-ups, renewals, and sharing info.
  • Getting historical usage information to populate more accurate forecasts
  • Commission payments to outside agents
  • Matrix pricing automation

“Bridge Power had ambitious growth plans and was in need of a comprehensive platform to organize their data and keep pace with the changing Retail Energy landscape. Our team at Enerex implemented sparkplug which allowed Bridge Power to better manage the business”, said Jason Beck, VP-Sales for Enerex.

Sean went on to say, “we were one of the first customers on Sparkplug and I have seen the platform grow immensely over my 3 years on the platform.” “When I made the decision that it was time to sell my energy brokerage business and started talking to potential buyers, they wanted to see 3 things. Clean Data, Forecasted Revenue, and a Deal Audit to ensure I was getting paid on the deals that I claimed to have. I simply exported 3 reports out of Sparkplug and voila. Using Sparkplug made my life easier when selling our business.”

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About Bridge Power Consulting, LLC

Bridge Power Consulting, LLC is a nationwide energy broker firm helping C&I customers. Based in Houston, TX., and founded by former Wall Street executives, Bridge Power handles end-to-end electricity and natural gas contract negotiation on behalf of customers and supports a full range of energy products like lighting, renewables and storage. Icon

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