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Instant energy pricing on your website with ZERO software development*

Now you can offer both residential and small commercial pricing for electricity and natural gas on your website. Simplify the process to offer pricing to your end customers, referral partners, and agents.  

With Generator, Brokers can provide a...

Simplified self-service agent portal to:

  • Drive Online Traffic – SEO, SEM, Retargeted Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. – E-Commerce available on YOUR Broker website. 
  • Agent Networks – With Generator’s referral code functionality, it is easy to set up friends and other business owners you know as potential referral partners for your brokerage firm. Even giving those agents their own URL (I.E.: www.energybroker.com/jdoe) to be able to tag any lead to them. 
  • Association and B2B Customers” That Have a Number of Members/Employees – You can build custom landing pages for your business partners with Generator embedded into their websites and easily tracked through promo codes. Do your B2B customers have a green initiative? – Why not have an offering for those employees who want to green their home energy usage?
*available as an add-on to Enerex’s market-leading Sparkplug broker solution. 

Generator’s native web-based architecture integrates into your website, allowing independent Agents to gather pricing, generate contracts, and submit contracts in a fully-automated, self-service fashion. With Generator available for both Small Commercial and Residential clients, the possibilities are endless.

Enerex.com Generator
Residential Generator links your website directly to YOUR residential suppliers’s APIs. If Generator is not already integrated with the supplier’s APIs, Enerex will perform that integration at no cost to you (if the supplier has Residential APIs). Always offer current pricing and products, then electronically enroll your customer. No paper. No email. No problem.
Commercial Generator offers pricing to your small commercial customer based on supplier matrix prices and allows for electronic contracts to be sent to your customers – all automatically. Large commercial customers will be presented to you as a lead with all relevant information you need to initiate the custom pricing process with your suppliers. 

The new-and-improved Generator provides the ability to offer a white-labeled, shopping website for your prospective residential customers that you can deploy as a widget to your broker website. Generator’s capabilities are deeply integrated with the suppliers through system-to-system API (Application Program Interface) communications. Generator provides the complete digital journey, from lead to enrollment for your customers. 

  • Instant realtime supplier pricing via APIs
  • Automated realtime enrollments 
  • Customer self-enrollment
  • Many integrated suppliers are already on the platform, see below for details
  • Your brokerage firm works directly with Residential Suppliers (any supplier that supports APIs) 
  • Some suppliers’ APIs are already connected for you to establish a direct relationship with

*available as an add-on to Enerex’s market-leading Sparkplug broker solution. 

The new-and-improved Generator provides the ability to offer a white-labeled, shopping website for small commercial customers that you can deploy as a widget to your broker website.  This solution leverages the core Sparkplug matrix pricing engine to price and contract small commercial customers using matrix price files.

It can be used for agents in the field, or even for online self-service enrollments and price checking.

  • Instant matrix pricing
  • Large commercials routed through custom pricing
  • Requires agent to complete contract and enrollment
  • All of your commercial suppliers are available
  • Leverages the core Sparkplug matrix pricing engine to price and contract

*available as an add-on to Enerex’s market-leading Sparkplug broker solution. 

Generator is available as an add-on for users of

Enerex.com Sparkplug

About Sparkplug

Sparkplug is the #1 retail energy sales platform in the world, powering over 10% of the commercial and industrial (C&I) transactions with offerings for C&I Brokerage, Aggregators, Community Choice/Municipal Aggregations, Mass Markets (D2D, Call center, Kiosk), and online shopping sites.

Simplify Contracting and COmmissions

Allow the data to flow easily from contract through to commissions with the integrated Sparkplug solution.

With Generator you can...

Effortlessly offer pricing with
no need for a dev team

  • Functionality can be available on your site in days (not weeks or months)
  • No software development required
  • Simple interface for customers and agents to obtain pricing and enrollment in 4 easy steps
  • No web redirect links, it’s all in your ecosystem
  • Customers stay on your website throughout the entire process
  • Affinity and promo codes can be used to ensure accurate source management and commissioning 
Enerex.com Generator

Stop Emailing Your Matrix Files To Your Agents!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Generator is currently available and is ready to streamline your business! 
  • Generator is available in all deregulated states 
  • All of your commercial suppliers can be enabled immediately. All integrated residential suppliers can also be enabled immediately. For a list of residential suppliers, please contact Enerex Sales. 
  • Nope! To have access to a supplier, the broker must have an agreement in place with the supplier. 
  • Do not confuse this solution with the typical “supplier web redirect links” often used by brokers to provide residential enrollments. Those redirect links take your customer away from your website where you can often lose control and visibility of the transaction. Generator keeps your client on our website where you can obtain all of the customer information and manage the enrollment process. 
  • Due to supplier restrictions, automated self-enrollments are only available for residential customers. Small Commercial customers can be instantly priced and request a contract to be created. Large Commercial customer will need to be contacted by the energy broker to obtain all of the proper profile information to ensure proper pricing is provided 
  • Through the promo code functionality, each agent can have a unique URL to share with their network and deals signed up through that URL will be automatically tagged to the agent. 
  • We sure are, we’re always welcoming new connections! Shoot us an email at business@enerex.com with your request. 

Onboarding With

Enerex.com Generator

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be:

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

Simplify your Agent Interface Today

With tools to make every part of your sales and back office process more efficient, and a support team to help you, getting started with Enerex has never been easier.

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