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What Is Your Data Telling You?

By aggregating data from across the industry into a proprietary data warehouse, we are able to produce unparalleled insights about what is really trending in retail energy markets.

Licensing data, aggregated and anonymized transaction data, publicly available pricing data, consumption data, demand data – all come together to tell a story unlike any that can be told by a single company. 

With Insights you can...

Keep your Finger on the Pulse of the Market

  • Understand granular market-share data in real-time
  • Track product structure (Fixed/Index/Structured) mix and share trends
  • Get nofications when channel partners gain new licenses or receive regulatory action
  • Quantify the “reputation” of a Retail Energy market participant


Data sets available a la carte or as one comprehensive service.

  • Track all PUC licensing data in real-time
  • Consolidate all PUC license data into a single format for ingestion into your systems
  • Get updates when new participants enter a market
  • Gather all publicly available contact information about a licensed participant
  • Aggregate across affiliated parties for a consolidated view
  • Consolidate all government shopping site data into a single data set
  • Easily ingest a single formatted data stream into your internal data warehouse for analysis
  • Track pricing activity by Supplier, Market, State, Utility
  • Track PTC rates
  • Both Residential and Small Commerical data
  • Track digital offer data across dozens of sites
  • Both first-party (supplier-site) and third-party (broker-site) pricing data
  • Comprehensive daily price data for all US utilities
  • What is the one year term, prompt month start,  high load factor power contract going for today?
  • Until now this data has been non-existent 
  • Track aggregated PUC complaint data by Participant
  • Aggregate across affiliated parties for a consolidated view


Fact-based Data

Stop dealing with guesswork and anecdotal evidence. Make critical decisions based on facts.

Consolidated format

Regulatory data, in its default publicly available format is messy, and hard to consume by corporate data warehouses.  We’ve done the dirty work for you with Insights!

Why fly blind in retail energy today?

Onboarding With

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be:

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

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