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Accelerating Growth for Gold Star Energy Group Inc.

Learn how the implementation of sparkplug helped GoldStar Energy Group Inc better manage their business by reducing the operational cost and the turnaround time required for software customizations.

Accelerating Growth for Gold Star Energy Group Inc.

GoldStar Energy Group Inc was finding it difficult to keep their growth momentum going as their existing software was taking too much time for implementation and customizations. The solution had several operational overheads concerning licensing and implementation, due to which migrating data from the current system had become a bottleneck. To make matters worse, a clear lack of training and support was restricting Goldstar from onboarding cross functional teams.

Our Solution to Do it All

To abolish the impediments to growth faced by the GoldStar Energy Group, Powermatrix configured sparkplug to address their specific challenges. The team at Powermatrix provided both onsite and offshore support to ensure quick onboarding and implementation, which enabled the Group to:

  • Seamlessly manage electric and natural gas customers, deals and accounts.
  • Track and reconcile Supplier Commissions in various formats.
  • Identify no-matches and incorrect margins paid by suppliers.
  • Maintain a detailed record of Historical usages on all accounts.
  • Automatically upload pricing matrices from suppliers and do a competitive analysis.
  • Quick Customer renewals with email reminders to salespersons and customers.
  • Manage supplier and utility relationships.
  • Create Tickets as tasks for cross functional teams within sparkplug.
  • Create customizable roles and permissions for various departments within the Group.
  • Automatically calculate commissions for agents and employees using the sparkplug commission engine.

The Changed Landscape at GoldStar Energy Group

Every idea and suggestion given by GoldStar was comprehended and then carried out to fruition after a thorough analysis by Powermatrix’ team of Energy Analysts. The benefits realized are as follows:

  • The existing customer data and all the historical data was seamlessly migrated to sparkplug directly from the current platform.
  • Training and Developmental Support was offered for fitment of all utility and supplier specific rules on accounts and commission reports .
  • Plan to build a unique Energy portal with Powermatrix is underway to leverage sparkplug’s pricing matrices capabilities.

Client Testimonial

“Powermatrix team has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the process implementing their software. We have requested several customization to fit our business model. This team takes a great deal of pride in what they do and work very hard to achieve the exact results that the we were looking for.
I am certain they worked many late hours in development making certain the project was completed. The have truly made me appreciate programming and the technical side of software development. I highly recommend working with them.” Amy Stokes, Chief Operating Officer, GoldStar Energy Group Inc.

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