Our Founders

Deepinder Singh Co-Founder CEO

Deepinder, a seasoned Technology Entrepreneur, is the co-founder and CEO of Enerex. An electrical engineer by profession, Deepinder has architected several projects in his career spanning 22 years. Along the way Deepinder has also created two very successful software businesses. Deepinder’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.

Nate Richards Co-Founder CFO

Nate, a serial software entrepreneur, is co-founder and CFO of Enerex. He pioneered the retail energy sales cloud arena with the introduction of CORE (“Collaborative Operations for Retail Energy”) in 2006 under the company Energy Frameworks. In 2019, Energy Frameworks merged with Powermatrix, forming the de facto standard for retail energy sales, now known as Enerex.  Nate handles Strategy and Finance (along with US-based HR, Legal, and IT) at Enerex.

Sales and Marketing

Enerex Team - Jason Beck, Vice President Sales
Jason Beck, is a sales & marketing leader with 10+ years of experience growing customer bases for startups to Fortune 500 companies within deregulated energy. He has an extensive background in creating and executing multi-channel customer engagement plans while streamlining internal cross-functional processes through software automation. Some of these channels include door-to-door, Brokerage, Telemarketing, Digital and Direct Mail. Past positions include managing 3rd party sales channels for Constellation, leading the residential business unit for AEP Energy and VP of Marketing, Reporting and Analytics for Source Power & Gas.
Enerex Team - Doug Brennecke Account Executive
Accomplished Executive adept in balancing technical knowledge and business acumen. Possess great leadership, management, communication, and people skills. Manage products from end-to-end, creating vision, strategy, and roadmaps. Excel in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Adept in balancing technical knowledge and business acumen. Results-oriented technology professional focused on enterprise solutions. Diversified background including marketing, sales, consulting, and software development of large-scale, business-critical solutions. Aggressive problem solver and decision maker with the ability to set realistic priorities and initiate viable courses of action.
Enerex Team - Joseph Monroy, Marketing Coordinator

Joseph Monroy, he/him/his, is a Marketing specialist with experience in higher education and nonprofit success. Joseph specializes in multi-media curation and analytical research to monitor trends and provide successful campaign strategies. He often uses his education and experience to better serve his community by volunteering his services for various local nonprofits. As a philomath, Joseph regularly continues his studies by writing and practicing Philosophy, his area of focus is Metaphysics and Aesthetics. Joseph enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found rollerskating or running regularly.

Enerex Team - Arpit Saharawat Sales Manager
Arpit Saharawat is an experienced enterprise sales professional with 7 years of experience in implementing successful sales & marketing strategies in the Software Industry. He is skilled in Business Process Automation, Transformation, Business Intelligence, and sales planning. He received his Masters Degree of Business Administration in Marketing & Operations from ICFAI University in the City of Hyderabad, India. He is fortunate to be the part of this Enerex team and contributing to the growth of the Retail Energy Industry.

Customer Success

Enerex Team - Olivia Chalmin, Director of Customer Success

Olivia Chalmin is Enerex’s Director of Customer Success, and in that role, has ultimate responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction and success. Olivia has more than 14 years of leadership experience in Operations, Business Development, Consulting and Technology within the US Retail Energy market. She has scaled and led customer-focused, high performance teams for a C&I-oriented Retail Electricity Provider in the ERCOT market. Since joining the company, Olivia strives to deliver values to our customers in a way that resonates well with Enerex’s core values. Outside of her passion for driving outcomes in her clients’ businesses, Olivia enjoys traveling and spending time with her family (she’s a mom of 3!).

Enerex Team - Dorothy Daugherty, Customer Success Manager

Dorothy worked with Xerox Corporation for 16 years prior to joining the Energy Frameworks team in 2012. At Energy Frameworks she served as the lead point of contact for all customer accounts and account management. She also maintained support infrastructure, created training documentation, and performed customer training. Dorothy brings over 20 years of experience and an extensive background in client and account management, pre- and post-sales support, contract implementation, and software consulting. She has managed local and national operations, headed client implementations, customer trainings, and enhanced client relations. As part of the Enerex Customer Success team she will lead the migration of CORE clients to Sparkplug to ensure a smooth transition as she also transitions to the new platform.

Enerex Team - Lacey Price Customer Success Manager
After a career working in the back office operations within the energy and utilities industry, Lacey joins the Enerex team as a Customer Success Manager. We’ve enjoyed having Lacey as a customer over the years, and are excited to have her on our team!
Enerex Team - Anna Watts, Customer Success Manager
Anna joins the team at Enerex as a Customer Success Manager. She brings years of experience working within the energy industry on the Broker side. At Enerex, Anna will own the entire post-sales process working closely with clients through on-boarding, mapping client data and conducting training and into long-term immersion of our software in their day-to-day business. She will act as a voice of the clients in addition to keeping up with the industry and communicate ideas and feedback to the development team to shape our products.
Enerex Team - Craig Rabin, Customer Success Manager
Craig joins our team as a Customer Success Manager working with the Customer Success team. He received his formal education from Illinois State University and brings 10+ years of experience, wisdom and innovation to our team. He brings a dozen years of small business experience to the table was recognized as one of the top 20 Innovators in Washington State! Craig will be responsible for ensuring brokers get the most out of Enerex solutions.

Product Management

Enerex Team - Karen Altekruse, Director of Product Management

Karen has spent her career providing exceptional customer service to business software customers. She originally joined the Energy Frameworks team in 2012, where she capitalized on her experience in enterprise-level system migrations, project management (PMP), and business development. She started her career in software developed for the publishing industry – starting as a support consultant and ultimately managing the support and development team for the company’s legacy systems. Her background in virtually every aspect of software development except coding – design, requirements, support, training, documentation, and QA – makes her uniquely qualified to deliver a complete customer success experience to our clients.

Enerex Team - Pia Gonzalez-Sambiasi, Business Analyst

Pia is actually Senior Business Analyst at Enerex Product Management Team.
She has been working on software development for over 20 years, starting as a functional analyst and then project leader for the first web-based applications for banking and healthcare industries.
She joined EnergyFramework in 2009 as QA Leader adding later tasks related to Business Analyst and Product Management roles.
She thinks through projects to make sure the solution fits the needs of the client and meshes with the overall platform. Applying her analytical thinking to develop full solutions and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Technical Leadership

Enerex Team - Dhyuman Dubey, MD, Development Center, India Operations
Dhyuman has 15 years of professional experience and is an instigator of innovation with unwavering determination to deliver superior solutions on time. One of his past projects was built under the guidance of UBS and currently has over 100 deployments with companies ranging from 15 Million to 300 Million dollars in annual revenue. Dhyuman delivers products with true passion and a focus on a value driven approach. With his diverse background, he has been able to execute on projects no matter how challenging or complicated. He is a true professional in every respect bringing a wealth of value and critical input to any situation.
Enerex Team - Subin Cv, CTO
Subin is a Technology enthusiast and is well versed in a variety of programming languages. He has 10 years of experience in analysis, design and development of client/server and web based applications. He is an expert in developing in Microsoft Visual Studio and has worked extensively with ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, Web Services, SQL Server Database. He is always eager to learn new and advanced concepts to expand his horizon and apply them in project development. He is very flexible and versatile and always maintains a good sense of humor even under pressure.
Enerex Team - Agata Studzinska Senior NET Developer

Before joining Enerex, Agata worked for several years for a US Retail Energy Provider where she built and supported software and managed her team. She joined the industry right after graduating from college and has worked in the area since then. Agata’s expertise consists of identifying core functionalities for business’ needs and helping to develop new features and applications as well as assisting in refactoring of existing modules and services to reduce the technical debt.
Agata is detail-oriented and data quality passionate, understating the importance of data and the modern world is driven by it.

Enerex Team - Vibhu Mittal
Vibhu is extremely passionate about technology, software architecture and product development. He has 14+ years of experience working in complex financial systems, numerous enterprise applications and high traffic web systems. His specialties are in Design and Architecture, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security, Scalability, Performance Tuning and Workflows. He is goal oriented and no matter what challenges come up during lifecycle of a system, he has never lost sight of goals. He takes pride in customer advocacy and help them achieve their desired objectives and use technology as enabler.
Enerex Team - Hugo Canal
Hugo is a techie, gamer, and passionate software developer who has been writing software since he was 15 years old and has been a professional developer for that many numbers of years. He is an all-terrain player who has vast experience in multiple stages of software development including UI/UX, backend architectural design, and automation for streamlining company processes. He has led people into building great software-based solutions with a high bar of quality standards while delivering objectives and customer satisfaction.

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