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Enerex is on a mission to “make it easy to buy and sell energy in competitive markets.” For that reason, we are a committed and vocal stakeholder in the current changes in the New York PSC’s rulemaking following the institution of Public Service Law section 66T

As the leading energy broker platform, Sparkplug helps over 100 brokers operate efficiently in every competitive energy market. Specifically in New York, Enerex is a signatory to the DSA and the accompanying Self Attestation in addition to being ISO-27001 certified and SOC 1 Type II audited annually.

NY Compliance:

Having signed the DSA across all its systems, Enerex is uniquely positioned to deliver on security requirements coming to Brokers and ESCOs.

Meet NybrGPT: Pre-trained AI Chatbot

Note: NybrGPT is trained on:

  1. The original Order in Case 23-M-0106 itself
  2. Recording of the Technical Conference (08/08/2023)
  3. The Notice of an extension (08/23/2023)
  4. The revised ESCO UBPs
  5. The revised DER UBPs
  6. The proposed Energy Broker & Consultant Registration form

Useful NY Regulatory Guideline Links

In order to understand the changes coming to NY law related to Broker and Consultant registration and fee disclosure, you would have to read hundreds of pages of legal text. Why??

We’ve trained a ChatGPT AI on the most relevant documents behind the NY PSC’s Order and embedded a simple interface here for you to ask questions. Go ahead!

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Bringing together the nation’s top thought-leaders, policymakers and professionals in retail energy. Interested in learning or getting involved be sure to attend the meeting. 

Are you a NY Broker? Contact Enerex and we might cover your cost of admission!

Video Resources

The following videos are additional helpful resources for information on the NY Broker and Consultant registration issue.

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