Bridge Power Consulting Completes Effortless Sale of Brokerage with Sparkplug

Find out how former wholesale trader, Sean Kelly, sold his brokerage and captured the value he had built up due to CLEAN DATA, FORECASTED REVENUE and DEAL AUDITs from Sparkplug. This freed Sean to pursue his dream of starting an AI-enabled load forecasting company: amperon.


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More than 100 companies doing business in retail energy markets across the globe rely on Enerex to manage and grow their business.

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The Sparkplug implementation resulted in better data quality, improved business insights, and improved communications between sales, operations, and our internal pricing teams. The solution was customized & had our Aegean Energy branding. It met and exceeded our expectations.
Sparkplug represents the most trusted cloud platform for retail energy brokers and other third parties. It has the largest number of users, broadest feature set, and industry leading security.

Now you can offer both residential and small commercial pricing for electricity and natural gas on your website. Simplify the process to offer pricing to your end customers, referral partners, and agents.

By aggregating data from across the industry into a proprietary data warehouse, we are able to produce unparalleled insights about what is going on in retail energy markets.

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