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Propelling the retail energy revolution by streamlining both direct and indirect sales for Retail Energy Providers (REPs).

While Energy Suppliers have had solutions for EDI, CIS, Billing, Load Forecasting, Risk Management and Hedging, one major gap remains: How do I connect all of these data sources to create EFFICIENCY in Retail Energy Transactions for both internal staff and external partners. 

We are bringing to market the first-of-its-kind ecosystem for secure retail energy data exchange.  This results in huge opportunities for Suppliers and Brokers alike to reduce costs through seamless data transfer.

Retail energy suppliers (ESCOs/REPs/ARES/etc.) finally have a CRM and Channel Management solution built for them.

Retail Energy Account Management​

  • Account Hierarchy​
  • Originator, Account Manager
  • Status, primary Contacts
  • Multiple Addresses (mailing, billing)​
  • Legal info​
  • Energy Info​
  • Renewal Info​
  • Pricing Assumptions​

Retail Energy Contact Management​

  • Keep demographic data​
  • Manage logins to your customer portal 
  • Download vCards into Outlook​

Energy CRM – Activities​

  • Log Appointments ​
  • Reminders​
  • Auto log​


  • LOAs​
  • Usage History​
  • LOEs​
  • Bills​
  • Predominant Use​
  • Sales Tax Excemptions​

Calendar View​

  • Convenient alternative view for activities​
  • Outlook Sync​

Propelling the Retail Energy Revolution

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Enerex.com Propeller

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be next month

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding, training and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

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