Formerly known as Powermatrix, Enerex announces a major rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into a trusted data platform for retail energy.

Energy markets are data markets

Our world, and the energy that powers it, is undergoing profound change. An energy transition has begun, characterized by distribution over centralization, decarbonization over fossil fuels, and digitalization over manual processes.  The energy economy is becoming a digital marketplace for information.

Do consumers have information about the products and services in the market? Do suppliers get the information they need from channels to efficiently and transparently transact? Do channel partners trust the information they receive from suppliers is accurate?

Nate Richards, Enerex co-founder declares: “Energy markets are fundamentally driven by the secure, trusted exchange of information.  From the union of these two ideas: Energy and Exchange, we draw our name: Enerex. It is a simple name, but one that has the power to become a ‘verb’ in the industry. Our ambition at Enerex is to connect PEOPLE through TECHNOLOGY to increase TRUST in retail energy MARKETS. Today, energy markets lack trust; they lack connectivity; they act in fear of commoditization, instead of a drive for innovation. We have come a long way from the wild west of early deregulation woes, but today’s retail energy marketplace remains plagued with inefficiencies. This reduces the savings to consumers which threatens to undermine the promise of restructuring. The lack of connectivity between partners in the sales channel results in an unsustainable cost of customer acquisition. We are a multi-hundred billion-dollar industry, powered by Excel and email. Enerex looks to change all this through its secure hub for trusted data exchange.”

With this new name Enerex puts forth the idea that for retail energy to thrive, it must be matched by a connected, digital marketplace for data. We call on all market participants: Suppliers, Brokers, Consultants, Aggregators, Community Choice, Mass Markets, and Digital channels to join us in the quest to connect the industry around a common data platform, and thus bring about the benefit of greater energy efficiency.

Enerex seeks to empower the architects of our energy future: Suppliers, the Channel, the Customer and even the Utility with secure access to accurate information through our trusted data platform.

About the Enerex Brand

The new brand takes as its logo a representation of data connections, reinforcing the commitment to pioneering a connected data ecosystem where partners can easily “plug-in.”

Enerex Products and Services

Sparkplug is the #1 retail energy sales platform in the world, powering over 10% of US commercial and industrial (C&I) energy transactions with offerings for Brokerage, Aggregators, Community Choice/Municipal Aggregations, Mass Markets (D2D, Call center, Kiosk), and Digital channels (online shopping sites).

Exchange is the only secure connectivity solution for retail energy data, allowing brokers and suppliers to exchange information via a trusted central hub.

Propeller is the most comprehensive sales management solution for retail energy suppliers, connecting their sales channels (Direct, Indirect, Mass Markets and Digital) to their back office operations (pricing, credit, risk, EDI, CIS and billing).

Exchange Live is the most advanced online e-procurement solution in retail energy, enabling buyers and sellers of energy to transact alongside their broker and supplier relationships in a transparent real time marketplace

Power Portal is a unique agent-management solution, allowing a turnkey self-service solution for third party agents to drive retail energy sales.

Customer Connect is a branded customer-facing solution, allowing brokers and suppliers to provide a comprehensive data management platform to their end-use customers.

Insights is the first consolidated data hub in the retail industry. We consolidate public and proprietary data sources to give market participants deep context to eliminate risk of their strategic initiatives. Users can keep tabs on the market, manage regulatory risk, track partner activities, evaluate competitive pricing and more.

About Enerex

Enerex is retail energy’s trusted data platform, powering 10% of US C&I transactions as of 2020.  The company accomplishes this feat through its integrated suite of secure cloud-based data solutions and services.  

Press Contact:
Nate Richards, CFO