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Driving Your Retail Energy Brand Is Critical to Avoid Commoditization

Nobody likes to be a number on page.  In a world where we deal in structured commodity sourcing every day, Brokers and Suppliers cannot afford to have their brand differentiation get lost during the process.  

No customer likes a sales organization that only “connects” when it’s time for contract renewal.  How will you add value between sales cycles? This is the goal of the Customer Connect solution. 

With Customer Connect you can...

Provide Value to Customers throughout the Contract lifecycle

  • Provide a unique, branded customer-facing solution
  • Allow customers to manage their own data (if desired)
  • Give customers a 360 degree overview of Utility Accounts & meters, Contracts history, Pricing options, Forecasts, Budgets
  • Upsell and cross-sell customers for non-procurement services (where desired)
  • Keep your brand in front of your customers between contract renewals


How can you provide value to the end-use energy consumer between contract renewal cycles?

  • Customers experience your company’s brand
  • Provide a customized experience without having to build it yourself
  • Manage Utility data for your customers
  • Utility Accounts + Meters
  • Usage data
  • Contract and Pricing data
  • Product Structuring / Hedge Management
  • Through an integration with Exchange LIVE, your customers can have an immersive online energy procurement experience
  • Alternatively, customers can self-service into Matrix products, even generating quotes with pre-configured margin and digitally signing contracts – all withing the same site
  • If providing a custom pricing solution for the Customer, you can “push” a proposal to them through Customer Connect as well
  • Customers can securely upload documents to an encrypted storage 
  • Customers also have access to a library of files provided by you


Differentiate from the competition

Every energy advisor provides a price. What are you providing that is different? Diners sold coffee, Starbucks sold an experience. Customer connect allows you to stand apart for your customers.

Data is the new Oil

Customers increasingly expect that technology and data play a role in their energy decision-making process. Customer Connect showcases your capabilities for the customer.

Don't just show up when it's time for more commission...

Onboarding With

Enerex.com Customer Connect Logo

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be:

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

Ready to Connect with Your Customers?

With tools to make every part of your sales and back office process more efficient, and a support team to help you, getting started with Enerex has never been easier.

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