Enerex - Why not automate your business processes?

Why not automate your business processes?

The use of technology to automate business processes was popularized by Henry Ford’s moving assembly line in 1913. Ford’s assembly line reduced the time it took to manufacture a car from more than 12 hours to 2 and a half hours. Today’s business process automation software and apps do the same for modern business needs. Business process automation reduces manual tasks in processes allowing for you to sit back, relax and watch the revenue flow in.

But, where is this automation in the Retail Energy Industry? 

Sparkplug is your moving assembly line. Sparkplug is for those who don’t want the hassles of typical business software – there’s nothing to install. You simply log in through a web browser and you have everything for your energy brokerage business at your fingertips.

Enerex - Why not automate your business processes?
Enerex - Why not automate your business processes?

What makes Sparkplug ideal for the brokerage business?

  • We are not a broker or a supplier. We just provide a platform simply on subscription bases.
  • It’s designed specifically for energy brokers & consultants with quick & easy onboarding
  • It’s a cloud-based CRM solution including commission reconciliation process
  • No hardware, no software, no hassle.
  • Automatic upgrades: energy is a dynamic industry and we always want to enhance our feature set, agile development.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers who are there to answer all your Sparkplug questions.
  • Scales with your business any time. Add users/agents/suppliers when you need to.
  • Integrated with G-Suite and Outlook
  • Enterprise-level cloud security for businesses of any size.

Sparkplug saves your business time and money by automating tasks that keep your sales and ops teams from focusing on non-revenue generating activities. Because of our cloud-based technology, we eliminate the need for costly on-premises IT staff, costly repairs, downtime, and software upgrades. Enerex handles it all for you in our Software as a Service model.

How does Sparkplug save my Retail Energy Business money, and help to generate more revenue?

Better Visibility

Know your business performance inside and out – from book value to employee productivity, all at your fingertips.

Unbridled Efficiency

From reminders, task automation and dashboards, sparkplug helps employees’ priorities their daily activities.

Unlimited Scalability

Sparkplug helps to scale the business as you need it without limitations. From users, to agents, to suppliers knowing your project future revenue/book value.

Eliminate Human Errors

Sparkplug’s automation eliminates manual errors and make sure collect/process the minimum required information for lead, opportunity, pricing, proposal, deal etc.

Find missing revenue

By automating the monthly commission reconciliation process from supplier payments, sparkplug has helped our clients find 1-4% in potential missing revenue.

Powerful Business Insights

Sparkplug reporting destroys bottlenecks and provide you real time business information on your finger tips.

At Enerex, we believe businesses can use technology as a way to help their workforce focus on what is most important to the business – customer service and revenue generation. Book a demo and let’s discuss how we can help?