Enerex - Sparkplug Now Powered with a Document Generation & E-Signature Tool – Hello Sign

Sparkplug Now Powered with a Document Generation & E-Signature Tool – Hello Sign

Despite the energy sector’s continued growth, most brokers find it challenging to scale operations due to various impediments ranging from ineffective utilization of resources to manual operational processes. sparkplug is a cutting- edge solution that’s designed to help brokers optimize operating efficiency and profitability. The CRM and commission reconciliation tool enables energy brokers to keep a close check on every aspect of their business and eliminate roadblocks, when they arise. But that’s not all, as the best just got even better!

Sparkplug, now integrated with a document generation and signing tool – Hello Sign – can save up to 30 percent of the time invested by brokers in getting signatures (according to Addressing the Document Disconnect) from customers and affiliates. Rather than investing countless hours in creating LOAs, LOEs, quotes or contracts manually in Word or Excel, sparkplug allows brokers to do the same job in just a few clicks. In fact, sparkplug not only allows brokers to create documents, but also serves as a platform to deliver them to customers from within the CRM.

Once a quote is ready to be sent over to a customer, it is natural for brokers to want to move as fast as possible. By using Hello Sign, brokers are able to send a document to be signed directly after it has been discussed and agreed upon, with no need of printing or scanning. They can also track the signing process and get updates in real time or set an automatic reminder or send one manually to the customer.

Beyond the time savings, using e-signature creates a more professional look and feel for the customer. Another benefit is that our digital signature process is a two-way communication platform. Meaning if the customer needs to update any data, such as address, account numbers or utilities, the collected data will be communicated back to sparkplug and allow the user the ability to accept changes.

Though it goes without saying that the new addition to sparkplug can be a game-changer for those in the energy brokerage business, the solution has much more to it than digital signature. If you wish to learn more, simply fill out our contact form and we will get back with you, shortly.