Enerex - Pull historical usage using Sparkplug!

Pull historical usage using Sparkplug!

In continuation of our mission to infuse accuracy, speed, and access to data into the Broker & Retail electric supplier ecosystem, we have achieved a significant new milestone by becoming EDI certified behind all First Energy’s 10 deregulated distribution companies. Which is one of the nation’s largest electric systems, serving 6 million customers in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Stretching from the Ohio-Indiana border to the New Jersey shore.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange, is the transfer of structured data, by agreed standard format, from one computer system to another without the need for human interaction. Human intervention should only be required in the case of dealing with errors, for quality review, and for special situations. It provides savings in terms of man-hours, management of paper documents and storage, as well as the reduction in errors and improved speed for transactions.

As soon as you download HU. You can generate the customer proposal using pricing matrices or create the custom RFP for multiple suppliers in a simple & easy way.

OhioPennsylvaniaNew JerseyWest Virginia/Maryland
Ohio EdisonMet-EdJersey Central PowerMon Power
The Illuminating CompanyPenelec& LightPotomac Edison
Toledo EdisonPenn power
West penn power

Brokers who have customers/prospects in these First Energy Utilities can easily pull customer historical usage and other information like capacity tags with a few simple clicks. This not only saves time but makes brokers using sparkplug have stronger talking points with their prospects and clients. 

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