Enerex - Envisioning a sparkplug-Empowered Energy Brokering Business

Envisioning a Sparkplug-Empowered Energy Brokering Business

Increasing competitiveness in the energy brokering industry demands brokers to up their game in order to remain competitive and improve their bottom line. The challenge, however, is to strike the right balance between costs and returns, which is why many brokers continue to rely on traditional manual processes that limit their operating efficiency and growth potential. To overcome the lag, brokers need a cohesive solution that automates their business processes and equips their staff to deliver optimum productivity. In this blog post, we provide an overview of how the implementation of sparkplug can transform your energy brokering business.

What to Expect?

Sparkplug is a sophisticated solution that enables brokers to manage every aspect of their business. No more toggling between multiple windows, no more delays in contract roll out, no ambiguities in business data. Here’s a glimpse of what else to expect:

Increased Conversions

Lost sales opportunities are among the biggest worries of any brokering business. sparkplug, with lead-to-quote-to-contract management capabilities, allows you to manage your sales pipeline with easy to understand screens and follow-up scheduling.

Streamlined Communications

Whether the task is LOA generation, strong proposal formats to customers or contract generation, sparkplug removes roadblocks, providing a quick way for you and your staff to generate documents and reduce data entry. Empowering your organization with these tools has led to some of our brokerage clients to see a doubling of sales per agent.. With the solution in place, managing supplier communications will also become a breeze with our request for pricing tool that allows suppliers to respond directly back into your CRM.

Increased Retention

Sparkplug provides a 360 degree view of all accounts, making it easy to segment and serve customers. It also has built in reminders to ensure you don’t miss action items. The solution bridges the gaps in customer service and ensures each client receives undivided focus. The result is increased retention and better account growth opportunities.

Automated Reporting

Although reporting does not directly contribute to business growth, it is still one of the most time-consuming tasks for brokers. sparkplug allows you to define and generate customized period reports, allowing you more time to focus on more critical business functions.

Reduced Complexities and Human Errors

Sparkplug gives you a faster way to deal with the various complexities involved in your energy brokering business, by providing a clear and detailed view of your business data and eliminating the probability of human errors that can impact the overall health of your business.

The Result? Increased Bottom Line

Sparkplug, by automating manual processes, saves time, allowing you to focus on business growth. With more time for your staff, higher employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity are bound to follow. The solution also bundles ‘Hello sign’, a digital signature solution that paves the way for faster conversions and provides more convenience to your customers. To sum it up, it would be safe to say that the all-round capabilities of sparkplug cover almost everything an energy broker may need to lead their business on the highway of continuous growth. If you are interested in taking a demo of Sparkplug and want to see what all the buzz is about –Contact Us