Enerex - Can Sparkplug – broker centric SaaS- be customized around our unique company processes?

Can Sparkplug – broker centric SaaS- be customized around our unique company processes?

As a proponent of deregulated energy, we understand that every energy broker/consultant, even in the same industry is unique from one another, in various ways – ranging from the size of the company, business strategy, operational process, new sales methods & retention strategy.

This is a main reason why Sparkplug has become the fastest growing SaaS program for energy brokers and consultants. Sparkplug offers many different structures from growing/startups to enterprise brokers with 50+ employees. Here are some of the many ways Sparkplug can be customized around your unique and specific needs.

Some of the basic level or no-code customizations –

  1. Work with your own suppliers – Sparkplug empowers energy brokers to work with your own supplier relationship by automating their pricing matrix comparison, custom RFP process and commission reconciliation. During the onboarding process we set up all your supplier contacts for easy communication. This provides you with true transparency, no middle man.
  2. Pick your own utilities/states you operate – Sparkplug allows energy brokers to pick their own choice of utilities and states.
  3. User right & privileges –Based on security, role and permissions, a broker can define individual users access from salespeople, sales management, agents, accounting, finance, ops & admin.
  4. Easily define your business process – Whether you want your salespeople to have predefined margin, only access to matrix versus custom pricing, or if you want your salespeople to process all requests through a centralized pricing desk and not speak to suppliers directly – sparkplug allows configurable workflows.
  5. White label – Sparkplug allows each energy brokerage firm to personalize emails, company logos, addresses, documents, email formats, LOAs, communication with customers & suppliers.
  6. Individual reports & dashboard – Sparkplug provides individual access and associated reports & dashboard for each of the user role types
  7. Add custom fields & flags – Sparkplug allows energy broker to track information that is specific to their firm within any level (company, deal, account) of the system.
  8. Non-Commodity Deals – We have learned that many energy brokers also sign deals in energy consulting, benchmarking, demand response, and energy efficiency. All of these deals can also be easily managed within Sparkplug.
  9. Ticketing system – Sparkplug provide out of the box ticketing system to help manage your unique companies work queue – one example, having an internal ops person check a signed agreement before sending to the supplier.

Add on features – Sparkplug provides add on features like EDI to pull HU, click to call dialing, and integrated digital signatures.

Sparkplug lite – If you are a startup – growing energy broker and don’t need all the features. We have alternative solutions which is sparkplug lite at a lower cost.

If you have any question or would like to learn more about sparkplug and what other customizations are available, please click here to request a demo. Will be happy to discuss your individual needs.