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#1 (by far) Energy Brokerage Management Software

Sparkplug is the #1 retail energy sales platform in the world, powering over 10% of the commercial and industrial (C&I) transactions with offerings for C&I Brokerage, Aggregators, Community Choice/Municipal Aggregations, Mass Markets (D2D, Call center, Kiosk), and online shopping sites.

Enerex.com Sparkplug

for Retail Energy Brokers

Today’s retail energy brokers are looking for competitive differentiation that delivers high quality services to their clients, which is where Sparkplug our Energy Brokerage Management Software comes to the rescue. 

With Sparkplug, Brokers can...

Be A leader IN the Energy Industry

  • Scale your business – bring on new agents – giving them the tools to succeed and clarity they want
  • Automate your business processes – lead-to-quote-to-contract including commission reconciliation and agent payments
  • Secure your data – ISO 27001 certified – an international standard for Data Management and Security
  • Work from anywhere – Access your data securely from any internet connection in the world
  • Consolidate deal data – Manage your commodity & non commodity (consulting) deals in one-place
  • Analyze and gain insight – Bring visibility to your business metrics with an industry leading reporting suite
Enerex.com Sparkplug

for Energy Aggregators

Aggregation requires managing unique aspects of the energy procurement customer lifecycle.  Sparkplug provides aggregators the tools they need to manage large, multi-meter contracts across buying pools and load aggregations.

With Sparkplug, Aggregators can...

Manage Mountains of Customer Data

  • Easily create and manage aggregation pools within your CRM
  • Manage multiple opportunities including the utility accounts and meter-level detail
  • Request group and individual pricing seamlessly from suppliers
  • Tag deals (agreements) to aggregation pools
  • Easily manage commissions for affinity relationships
Enerex.com Sparkplug

for Community Choice / Municipal Aggregations

Community Choice (CCAs) and Municipal Aggregations have unique needs to securely steward large amounts of small customer energy data. Sparkplug enables bulk data management for enrollments, opt-ins/outs, drops, and product selections, providing a branded, secure, self-service portal for the end customer.  

With Sparkplug, CCAs can...

Securely Manage Millions of Customers

  • Manage your various municipalities and agreements (price, term, etc.) within your CRM
  • Create and manage branded opt-in/out-out/change of supply portals that are linked to your CRM data (no more spreadsheets!)
  • Automate your processing of Pre-Enrollment files
  • Automate your processing of Post-Enrollment files to create deals in bulk within Sparkplug
  • Nightly batch communication with your Retail Suppliers for customer opt-in/opt-out/change of supply
  • Reports to share with your municipality clients, identify missing enrollments, or opt-outs that were not processed by the supplier

Read A Community Choice Aggregation Customer Success Story Below

Enerex.com Sparkplug

for Mass Market Channels

For Channel partners that manage multiple offices, agent networks, concurrent campaigns and plans, keeping up with all the data can be a daunting task. Managing payroll with all the different formats (TPVs/Pay files/Status reports) of information is incredibly time-consuming without the right software. Sparkplug for Mass Markets enables Door-to-door (D2D), Telesales, Kiosk/Tabletop and other mass market operators to easily track and drive business for their Supplier partners.

With Sparkplug, Mass Market Channels can...

Eliminate Spreadsheets from the Commissions ProCess

  • Manage the agent onboarding process and storage of agent specific information
  • Create offices and link agents and territories to those offices
  • Create and manage campaigns, multiple underlying plans
  • Precisely control how the Supplier pays you and how you pay your agents
  • Easily process third-party verification (TPV) or tablet-based sales data
  • Automatically process supplier pay files and status reports
  • Automate your weekly or monthly commission runs
Enerex.com Sparkplug

for Energy Shopping Websites

Energy shopping websites (Digital channels) are a unique and growing channel in the retail energy industry. Managing daily pricing updates, referral/promo codes, constantly changing supplier APIs, and keeping up with the competition can be a daunting task. With Sparkplug for Digital Channels, all you focus on is your proprietary market presence and creating demand for your service – we take care of all the data! 

With Sparkplug, Digital Channels can...

Focus on Customer Acquisition vs. IT

  • Hand off turnkey management of API links to retail suppliers for pricing and enrollment
  • Capture abandoned customers as leads for follow-up marketing
  • Create reports to identify enrollments that may have been missed
  • Track commissions for referral partners and third party agents through referral codes


Enerex.com Sparkplug


Increase business with the use of our Retail Energy data platform.

  • State specific LOA/LOE generation with HelloSign digital signature
  • Customer management incl. contacts, addresses, documents, accounts
  • Customizable – custom fields and custom flags
  • Opportunity/Deal management with automated reminders
  • Activity and Ticketing modules – work queues
  • Email/contacts/calendars sync with any email domain
  • Configurable user-based permission access
  • Historical Usage Pulls (usage, rate class, cap tags and more) from 25+ utilities
  • Utility account number lookup tools integrated
  • Forecasting and Missing HU tool for better accuracy and reporting
  • Matrix Contract Generation tool
  • Coverage – supports residential to large commercial, both gas and electric, for all of the US and Canada
  • Commission reconciliation supporting over 140 different formats and counting!
  • Upload in the same format that the supplier/third party sends you the payment in
  • No Match process – find incorrect payments & short pays
  • Forecast reports – know your book value
  • Commission reports – manage agent/referral partner payments with monthly automatic generation
  • Deal Audit tool – finds missing payments from suppliers
  • Customized Automated Email Template tool
    • Create your own unique email templates
    • Set rules against the templates to communicate with your customer pre- and post- deal
  • Import your own unique leads
  • Leads assignment, re-assignment, validation and management
  • Click-to-call dialer integration
  • Matrix pricing automation – with your unique supplier formats
  • Matrix trendline tool
  • Opportunity management with unique utility service level accounts
  • Custom pricing flow – efficiently request and receive pricing from your suppliers
  • Proposal generation – matrix, custom and combo
  • Deal terms management
  • Flexible stakeholder, agent, house commission splits at deal level
  • Block & Index / Load Following Hedging feature
  • Supplier up-front payment management at deal level
  • Staggered start date management
  • Record utility account drops and track lost revenue
  • Build up historical usage on your utility accounts from processing pay files
  • Blend and extend tool
  • Transfer Accounts tool (assignment)
  • Support of add/delete language within a deal
  • Consulting/Non-commodity deal capture too!
  • Full reporting suite – Deal, Employee Activity & Performance, Customer and Financial
  • Sales Quota management tool
  • Deal conversion/linking to auto create renewal opportunity – no double data entry
  • Renewal notification engine – never miss a renewal again!

What Makes Sparkplug unique?

Enerex.com Sparkplug



Many of our Enerexer’s have 10+ years of Retail Energy experience

Future-proof technology

We implement agile software development release cadences and deploy new features every month to keep up with our ever-changing industry.

We do software so you can do sales

  • Sparkplug focuses on automating the “dirty” work – the non-value added activity to running an Energy business
  • We do NOT split YOUR commissions with you – one flat monthly subscription fee based on feature selection

#1 (by far) Energy Brokerage Management Software

Onboarding With

Enerex.com Sparkplug

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be next month

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding, training and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

Maximize Your Revenue With Sparkplug Today

With tools to make every part of your sales and back office process more efficient, and a support team to help you, getting started with Enerex has never been easier.

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