Enerex - How does productivity enhancements = increased revenue?

How does productivity enhancements = increased revenue?

Think about iOS, android, Facebook, LinkedIn or any IT software you love. What do you love about it? The ease of using that application/platform? Or how you can call/message in one-click and connect with other people? Or how quickly it answers your questions?  Easy to use and dare we say “sexy” software matters.

Company decision makers know that IT applications enabled their business to scale at exponential speed. Here are some common questions that are asked while investing in technology.

How will this software solve my business problems/make my life/make my employees lives easier? .

How will this software make me more revenue?

What are other clients saying about your software, onboarding process, and staff?

Below we will discuss how sparkplug helps our agent, broker and consulting clients save time and increase revenue.

The enabled employee is more productive 

Sparkplug is designed to focus on the user.  Some of our clients have gone as far to describe themselves as technology “dinosaurs” and have been able to easily understand the program through our training program.The User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of sparkplug is intuitive and completely aligned with day to day business processes.  Our goal is to reduce busy work by automating time consuming tasks like matrix comparison, proposal generation, contract generation, standard touch-points with customers, in a very simple logical flow.

Be it a sales person, an admin, an accountant or owners, everyone has their own specific design to enable them to produce better result out of their workday.

Packaging matters 

If Apple has taught us one thing, it is that packaging matters. How we package a sale, a logo, our pitch to investors, it all matters for future growth. Specifically in software, designers should build sexy and easy to understand UI/UX. This includes easy navigation, easy global data search functionality, logical semi-automated workflows, and access to features that are able to achieve better results in less clicks.

Sparkplug has been touted by our clients as a well packaged product that allows users to elegantly navigate through their work day in day out.

Groupthink for base features, custom development for competitive advantage

Based on our tenure in competitive energy and being open to feedback, we continue to iterate on an already best in class product. Our enhancement of sparkplug is never done. As new brokerage firms come on board with specific needs and opinions, we make enhancements to sparkplug to help in new and different ways. Our client services and sales teams takes prospect and client feedback to our software engineers. Through an agile software development process that has releases every 2 weeks we innovate, run the ideas past our clients and roll out the enhancements.

Since sparkplug is a cloud-based software, our above process is easy to implement across all of our clients. 2018 has been a huge year of growth for Enerex and its thanks in a large part to our clients. This is the reason why sparkplug today has so many features that work to make your life easy. In a recent demo, a prospect that saw Sparkplug in late 2017, and again in September 2018 was quoted as saying, “I am incredibly amazed by how far your sales pitch and your product has evolved over the past 9 months”. And we can assure you, we aren’t done yet!

Nervous about giving any competitive differentiation to other brokerage firms? We have custom development options for anything that you want to be proprietary to your firm. We have nearly a dozen examples that we have done for sparkplug clients.

Task automation equals time savings

Some firms believe that they have a way that works, and they think why spend money on saving time when you don’t feel you have a problem.
Two main reasons

  • 1.) Are you spending your time on the highest revenue producing activities? How much revenue can you generate per hour of sales activity, or through teaching others about your solutions? If your time is worth more than $35/hr – automation pays
  • 2.)  As your business grows, you need to make sure the business processes you’ve designed can scale. Many energy brokerages find out too late as they try to expand their business, then the decision maker becomes the roadblock. Defining processes after you have an issue can be much more time consuming


Beyond the above, in future articles we will help you understand what sparkplug does around data/reporting, personalization, configurable user roles, and integrations like Outlook, Gmail, Digitial Signature and Cloud-base click to call dialing.

Below are a few quotes from some of our clients that led us to produce this blog. If you are interested in seeing what all the buzz is about, schedule a demo by clicking here

“Fastest growing energy broker’s CRM because of all the respective feature& workflow processes, sparkplug has engaged good adoption in this industry.”

“Sparkplug helps us streamline our end-to-end sales process and maximizes the deal conversion rate while reducing the sales cycle.” McGinley, Wade, Operations Manager (Concord Energy Services)