Enerex Signs Data Security Agreement

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Enerex, a leading provider of energy data solutions, has taken a significant step in solidifying customer trust by signing the Data Security Agreement (DSA) and completing the Self Attestation as required by the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC).

This move underscores Enerex’s commitment to complying with the stringent guidelines set forth by NYPSC to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information. By aligning with the DSA, Enerex has pledged to implement a comprehensive set of security protocols, ranging from encryption and access controls to regular security assessments.

Enerex’s CEO, speaking about the commitment, said, “In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, the security of customer information is paramount. By signing the DSA and completing the Self Attestation, we are reinforcing our pledge to safeguard our customer’s data with the highest standards of security.”

The Self Attestation process requires an annual affirmation of compliance with the DSA’s requirements. Enerex’s adherence to these measures reflects the company’s ongoing dedication to maintaining a robust security posture, ensuring that both its broker and energy service company (ESCO) clients can rely on Enerex’s systems.

One of the salient features of the DSA is its focus on vendor oversight. Enerex’s engagement with third-party vendors also falls under the purview of the DSA, suggesting that the company’s entire supply chain will align with the same stringent data protection standards.

The NYPSC’s insistence on these security measures aims to protect consumers in the state’s evolving competitive energy market, particularly as deregulation expands consumer choice and increases the complexity of data handling.

Enerex’s commitment to the DSA and Self Attestation demonstrates not only compliance with regulatory requirements but also a broader dedication to ethical business practices and consumer protection.

Industry experts have praised Enerex’s decision, highlighting it as an example of a company taking proactive steps to build trust in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven energy sector.

By joining the ranks of entities that have signed the DSA, Enerex sends a strong signal to customers, competitors, and regulators alike that it is serious about data security, setting a high bar for the industry and contributing positively to the integrity of New York’s energy market.