In addition to our solutions and data offerings, Enerex also offers virtual assistant solutions to bridge the gap between the capabilities a customer may gain access to in our Platform and the time it takes to enter data, run reports, etc. This allows our customers to focus on their core business of selling energy solutions, not on the sometimes cumbersome and data-intensive work of keeping up with all the details.

We find that customers who leverage our EnergyVA services gain a sharper focus on their core business and ultimately harvest additional time to invest in areas of value creation (selling more) vs. cost mitigation (tracking the sales, commissions, etc.). 

We provide these VA services on a value-based fee structure using a combination of our onshore and offshore teams worldwide. Minimum monthly costs exist, but services can be tailored to your needs

Service Virtual Assistant Service Description

Load Leads

Want to load a fresh set of lead data a few times a month? Boom!

  • Download leads from original source (websites, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Load leads into Sparkplug
  • Run reports on lead statuses

Manage Opportunities

Need someone supporting you throughout the day? We’re here!

  • Send LOAs, as needed
  • Manage HU requests, as needed
  • Request pricing via Opportunities (customer entities and service accounts numbers) in Sparkplug, as directed
  • Key in pricing from supplier emails into Sparkplug
  • Generate customer proposals
  • Send proposals to salespeople and/or customers
  • Refresh pricing, as needed
  • Request Contracts when customer selects pricing options
  • Follow up with customer to sign contract
  • Submit signed contracts to Supplier (if e-sign not used)
  • Convert Opportunities to Deals (or mark Opportunity as Dead with Lost Reason)

Book Deals

Want to focus on selling instead of paperwork? We got you!

  • Log deals from paper/pdf signed contracts
  • Validate deal details against supplier confirmation emails/pdfs
  • Attach any documents (contract, confirm, etc.)
  • Confirm accuracy of:
    • Sign Date
    • Start Date
    • Estimated Usage
    • Units of measure
    • Product
    • Term
    • Price
    • Broker Fee/Adder
    • Supplier Payment Terms
    • Lead Salesperson
    • Stakeholder Splits
  •  Submit to you for review
  • Make any necessary corrections

Manage Commissions

Need to keep up with your commissions but don’t have the time?

For Each Supplier:

  • Collect commissions from Supplier emails and/or portals
  • Check commission reports for overlapping dates
  • Upload commission files to Sparkplug
  • Resolve no-matches
  • Notify you that Agent Payout Report is ready, include list of exceptions
  • Update resolutions to exceptions in SP
  • Run quarterly Deal Audit report for each Supplier and send exceptions to you and/or your Suppliers

Run Reports

Want to get KPIs for your business but no time to learn the system?

  • Define a set of Reports to be run Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually
  • Define a set of recipients to receive each report per frequency
  • Run reports according to schedule and send to defined recipient list

Energy VA Case Study

Simplified Interactions: Our Virtual Assistant at Your Service

Enerex’s EnergyVA virtual assistant services allow energy solutions businesses to focus on selling, while leaving the time-consuming tasks of data entry and report generation to their dedicated team.

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