Enerex - Announcing Energy Frameworks!

Announcing Energy Frameworks!

Happy Birthday to Entrance Software and Energy Frameworks!

As Entrance Software is celebrating its 10th birthday, I am proud to announce the birth of a new company – Energy Frameworks – a new company built around CORE, our flagship product.

10 years ago, I founded Entrance Software to provide custom IT solutions to the energy industry. As I was working with brokers, suppliers, and utilities, I realized a need in the industry for a product that would help the players in an energy deal talk to each other in a streamlined transaction.  To solve that problem, we began to develop CORE with input from many of the players in the industry.  CORE is a retail energy sales platform that streamlines the energy procurement process.  Through the years, CORE has evolved to meet the needs of the ever changing energy industry and specific needs of our clients.

Last year, our CORE client base grew by over 50%.  CORE has grown up and it’s time to build a company around it.  That company is Energy Frameworks.  We are very proud of how far we have come and are eager to achieve even more as we write this new chapter.

The headquarters for Energy Frameworks will be located in the Entrance Software building in Houston.  I will lead as President, Dorothy Daugherty as Support Manager, and Karen Altekruse  as Business Development Manager.  This strong team will insure a smooth transition and continued success. 

Happy Birthday Energy Frameworks!

Nate Richards,

President – Energy Frameworks