Enerex - Use CORE to Manage Your Renewals

Use CORE to Manage Your Renewals

Keep your revenue flowing by efficiently managing your renewals in CORE.  CORE keeps you informed of upcoming renewals by highlighting those accounts on the My Sales Dashboard and by automatically emailing you a Rework Opportunities Report of your upcoming renewals.  CORE will even include accounts that have expiring contracts with other providers.

My Sales Dashboard:  You establish how many days in advance you want to be notified of upcoming renewals.  When an account falls within that window, the account will be highlighted on the My Sales Dashboard.

Rework Opportunities Report:  This report can be automatically emailed to you and your sales reps.  It includes all of the information you need to reach out to your clients and secure renewals on expiring contracts.  If you’ve captured prospect information, it also reports any prospect reaching expiration on an existing contract AND reports any prospect with a strike price that falls at or below the price you can offer.