Enerex - Unified Energy Services Recovers $300K Using CORE

Unified Energy Services Recovers $300K Using CORE

With the large amount of data being managed by energy ABC’s, using sophisticated software to track payments can boost the ABC’s bottom line.  TEPA member Unified Energy Services recently tallied up just how important CORE – a retail energy sales platform – has been to their company.  Through the supplier payment reconciliation features of CORE, Unified was able to determine they were missing $300,000 in payments on their deals.

Unified CEO Michael Harris discussed, “We have been using CORE since 2009.  The combination of the CORE system’s accounting, CRM, and tracking allows us to seamlessly utilize a single system instead of manipulating multiple spreadsheets and manually determining receivables.  Additionally, the errors avoided by an automated system have allowed us to find more than $300,000 in the past two years alone that at best would have been delayed and at worst might have been missed completely given our more than 3,000 customers worldwide.” 

Developed by Enerex, CORE helps brokers reconcile their supplier commission payments through a series of tools that discover and report incorrect deal fees and payment gaps.  Enerex Business Development Manager Karen Altekruse highlighted the importance of relying on something more than a colossal spreadsheet to track payments.  “The huge amount of data being shared between brokers and suppliers lends itself to errors and the primary responsibility falls to the broker to uncover discrepancies.  CORE makes that possible.  We continue to improve CORE with ideas and suggestions from industry leaders such as Unified Energy.”

In addition to reconciling supplier commissions, CORE streamlines the energy sales cycle in virtually every step, including customer relationship management, meter management, automated LOA processing, cash flow forecasting, and salesperson commission splitting.