Enerex - Rise in Energy Services beyond Energy Procurement

Rise in Energy Services beyond Energy Procurement

The Energy Brokerage business is becoming more competitive. With most brokers providing procurement services in multiple states and no new deregulated markets, broker/consulting firms are turning to other product lines to increase revenue/profit. Become a full-service energy provider is surely a trend. As brokers become savvier, so do customers. Customers are requiring more from their current broker or they decide to switch to someone who will.

Few of the complementary cost-saving and efficiency programs: – 
  • Energy Efficiency – A detailed energy efficiency audit across your entire facility identifies inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement for the consumer.
  • 1. Provides insight into your business with an end-to-end energy efficiency audit
  • 2. Helps to better manage your energy infrastructure and eliminates inefficiencies
  • 3. Improves operations and reduce risk to your business.
  • Energy Consulting – Energy brokers/consultants are using custom approach to provide forward-thinking ideas and solutions to the consumer in the critical, complex, and ever-evolving energy industry. Using specialized experience and advanced analytic approach to solve the customer problem and make revenue for the business.
  • Demand Response – Businesses that would like to lower their electricity costs may want to consider a load management program, such as demand response, which is designed to help lessen demand on the grid during peak periods.
    • 4CP and 5CP alert providers – notifications in advance of days that may end of being the ISO’s or Utilities peak days which would set their capacity/demand charges for the upcoming year.
  • Benchmarking – Benchmarking is the practice of comparing the measured performance of a device, process, facility, or organization to itself, its peers, or established norms, with the goal of informing and motivating performance improvement to help the customers.
  • Waste Management – Improve business performance by identifying opportunities for growth, revenue and efficiency through data driven decision making that drives the consumer energy strategy. Energy Insight solution provides the visibility how energy consumer exactly uses energy and helps them to save money –
  • 1. Reduce power waste
  • 2. Improve operational efficiency
  • 3. Create comprehensive strategy based on existing energy data.
  • Combined Heat and Power Co-Generation (CHP) – The energy landscape is changing. Increased demand, escalating costs and unremitting pressure on the grid means that businesses need to start looking for an alternative energy source – one that gives you the power to control your own energy. CHP is secure, flexible, cost-effective, easy to manage and gives real-time insight into individual usages.
  • 1. Reduce energy costs up-to 40%
  • 2. Reduce energy consumption and emissions
  • 3. Provides a stable and resilient energy supply
  • Solar + Storage Solutions – Traditional sources of energy have a wide range of negative effects on the environment, from carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Energy brokers are promoting green energy sources to reduce these negative impacts and contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment and generate revenue for the business. The prices for grid electricity are also unpredictable and can vary widely from month-to-month making forecasting operating expenses difficult and demand charges to run your business during peak times can constitute greater than 50% of the customer energy bill. Installing Solar and Storage solution can generate electricity at a price sustainably lower than from your local energy provider and reduce your peak spend.
  • 1. Renewable energy generates from Clean Sources, like solar, wind, landfill gas/biogas, and hydro, provides benefits e.g. low pollution, renewable resource, protect environment.
  • 2. Solar saves you money and on your kWh energy charges
  • 3. Solar saves you money and on your kW energy charges
  • Few ways Enerex can help with sparkplug: Sparkplug enables energy brokers and consultants to handle agreements with multiple energy products & services like energy benchmarking, consulting, efficiency, demand response, renewable energy through one platform and provide a holistic view to the user. Some other additional benefits –
    • Track payments from customers as well as 3rd party vendors.
    • Manage all types of energy deals through one platform
    • Frees up time that you are spending within the sales process to focus on other value-added customer focused items
    • Tracks kwh usage and demand/capacity values – can be used to identify certain customers that are opportunities for other services
    • Sparkplug’s streamlined communication/process saves up time for tasks such as:
    • 1. CRM
    • 2. Deal management
    • 3. Filling out LOAs
    • 4. Quote requests
    • 5. Quote to customer
    • 6. Commission reconciliation
  • Switch to sparkplug – The fastest growing CRM in Energy market, ease up your business life and stand out in a crowd of competitors.