Enerex - Pull ECL – Eligible Customer List using Sparkplug in OH & PA territories!

Pull ECL – Eligible Customer List using Sparkplug in OH & PA territories!

In continuation of our mission to Connect People Through Technology To Bring Trust To Retail Energy Markets,  we have achieved a new milestone by integrating the Eligible Customer Lists (ECLs) in PA & OH within Sparkplug. This list contains the customer name, service address, usage information and identification numbers of Ohio & Pennsylvania utility customers that desire to participate (do not opt out).
These ECLs have been developed by the utilities based on regulation passed in Ohio & Pennsylvania. Only licensed brokers & suppliers who are registered with the respective Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) in PA & OH can use this tool and access the available information like customer name, address, utility account number, monthly usage, capacity tags and peak KW. With the help of Sparkplug, you can do the following:
  • Quickly look up account numbers by entering partial service address (or look up service addresses by entering in account numbers)
  • Quickly add a prospect account to an opportunity, auto import usage and account data
  • Search the ECL to laser focus on the right prospects by kWh, PLCs, pk demand and zip code
  • Download up to 10,000 records at once
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