Enerex - How to Conduct the Ideal system RFQ for Your Energy Brokerage Firm?

How to Conduct the Ideal system RFQ for Your Energy Brokerage Firm?

There are many aspects of business that owners need to take into consideration when evaluating which software provider is best suited for the broker organization’s needs. Enerex surveyed more than 1000 energy brokers and consultants. Here are a few important points that you need to consider to get the desired software solution for your firm:

Tailor – made to the industry need : Unique businesses need unique CRM’s which can enable them to automate every aspect of the business.

Automated Sales Management From push button LOE/LOA and proposal generation, automated matrix pricing/contracts and daily digest emails on renewal activity, energy brokers want their system to help turn sales quicker.

Streamlined Process : Energy brokers manage in both a pre-deal sales funnel and post-deal enrollment and renewal management. An ideal CRM should have a lead management, opportunity management and deal management process.

Data Security Do you trust your data to just anyone? Surely not another energy broker! A strong IT partner should at minimum NOT be in the same line of business as you. And if your looking for best in class – ask what Cloud Provider they host the system on – Microsoft Azure in our opinion provide best in class B2B data security.

Affordable While offering features that are seldom found in many CRMs, a CRM that you intend to purchase should be priced reasonably. Buying a CRM should be an asset to your business rather than burning a hole in your pockets. 

Wrap Up
To gain continued success with your business, you need a system that allows to boost your productivity, automates intricate processes, saves time, and increases profits. Sparkplug, the largest and fastest growing Energy Brokerage software, which serves 110+ energy brokerage firms. If you are actively looking at a system to help grow your business – we are here for you. For more information, schedule a demo.