Using Sparkplug to Attract New Customers

How Brokers Can Attract New Customers With Sparkplug

Provide your customers with the product they need, all while ensuring you are properly commissioned with Sparkplug

As an energy broker, your responsibilities always include looking out for the customer’s best interest – but you should not have to sacrifice your revenue in the process!

For larger customers, your responsibilities are often more challenging since they have more complex energy demands.

Gone are the days of simply offering your customers the “All In Fixed” products. What happens next if your current energy platform can’t support the complex products these customers demand? You might lose the deal to another broker who CAN do these things, or you might end up selling them a simpler product that does not meet their needs. 👎

Neither option is good for the broker, the customer, or the energy market.

Sparkplug supports complex hedge products like Block & Index. Does yours?

Energy brokers need a platform that ensures that the right product can be offered to their customers and secures deals properly throughout their lifetime.

Complex products may involve different margins on different aspects such as on multiple blocks vs index. Sparkplug offers that and the ability to validate the supplier commission payments are correct too! 

Consider that challenge, solved. Sparkplug is the most advanced broker platform on the market. Sparkplug has you covered with deal forecasting, supplier commission reconciliation, agent commissions, CRM, retrieval of historical usage from utilities, LOA/LOE generation, and countless others! And of course, it’s built, operational, and proven in the marketplace.

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