Enerex - Forecast Your Cashflow with CORE

Forecast Your Cashflow with CORE

As you pack the family truckster and head out for vacation, there are a couple essential questions you ask yourself: Do I have enough gas in the tank to get where I want to go? And do I have a map that shows how to get there?

In your brokerage, you have mapped your course on how to get where you want to be in one, three, five years.  CORE answers the question of how much gas you have in tank, lets you see when you will get more, and helps you determine if you will have enough to get you to your goal.

CORE stores all the information you need to forecast revenue for the duration of a deal.  When you close the deal, you set the supplier payment schedule, which tells CORE when you expect to receive payments. Is there an up-front payment? Paid on sign date or paid on switch date? Monthly discount? You answer those questions and CORE does the rest to show you when to expect revenue to flow into your business. Anyone who is currently tracking revenue in a spreadsheet knows that doing so can be a nightmare. Throw in a terminated meter, blend and extend, or add-on deal and it really gets tricky and time-consuming. In CORE, you simply make the deal asus smart gesture download adjustments and CORE recalculates your revenue forecast. The CORE Cash Flow Forecast Report shows you when to expect supplier payments. You can also export the revenue forecast to be incorporated into your accounting system. You know where you want to go. CORE wants to help you get there!