Exchange-Connect Suppliers

What is an Exchange-Connected Supplier?

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What does Exchange-Connectivity mean for Suppliers?

Operational Efficiency benefits
Opportunity to connect with more Brokerage Firms

What are the ways I can connect to the Exchange as a Supplier?

  1. Propeller – is a full technology partner. Streamlining both direct and indirect sales for Retail Energy Providers (REPs).
    • Manage Direct and Indirect sales in one Opportunity Management platform
    • Save millions compared to building your own
    • Streamline challenging aspects of channel management, including broker conflict resolution
    • Manage margin policies with built-in approvals
    • Stand-out to your broker relationships as a tech-forward Supplier
    • Provide an industry-leading level of service to your Brokers and list some of the benefits of connecting back office products like Pricing, EDI/Billing and Risk Management.
  2. Exchange Connectivity – an API-driven approach to connecting the retail energy industry using an open, secure “hub and spoke” model.
    • Operating your own CRM Software Program?
    • Have you already built a workflow management tool or broker portal?
    • Do you want to further extend your ROI of this automation and get more brokers to use these tools via APIs?
    • We can help connect you to over 120 Retail Brokers with API based communication.
  3. Exchange LIVE – An online procurement platform, connecting customers, brokers, and suppliers through one shared procurement experience in real time.
    • Provide a white-labeled online e-procurement solution
    • Offer reverse auction services (open and sealed bid)
    • Gather pricing & deliver analytics to Suppliers in real-time
    • Engage customers in the pricing experience via real-time charting
    • Timestamp all bids to the millisecond
    • Invite Suppliers to RFQs
    • Extend RFQ timelines to allow further bidding

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